National Hotel Chain to Replace Gideon Bibles With ‘The God Delusion’


According to a recently-leaked company memo, all 200+ locations of mid-range hotel chain StayzInn, will be removing their Gideon Bibles at the end of the month and will replace them with copies of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion.

“People have come to expect a lot from us: a friendly smile, clean towels, and one of those little machines where you can just pour in the batter and out comes three perfectly formed pancakes,” said the memo. “Now, they can also enjoy a few chapters of dogmatic atheism just before they hit the hay.”

The memo said that company employees could take home any un-needed Bibles they want, so long as just “skip to the good parts.”

“You can believe whatever you want as an employee of StayzInn, provided that you believe in a material universe of nothing more than stained bed sheets and moldy shower curtains,” said the memo.

The hard-cover editions of The God Delusion are gold-embossed and have been lovingly donated in the memory of the late Christopher Hitchens. The special edition book feature Richard Dawkins’ words in red, which is every single word, and come attached with lovely ribbon bookmarks to keep track of just where in the ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’ analogy you left off.

The memo also directed hotel managers to lock out any television program other than any stuff Neil deGrasse Tyson is in.

(Photo Credit: by mastermaq )

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