Mennonite Texting Abbreviations: From LOL to WTF

Parents these days often have trouble figuring out what their teens are texting. Therefore, the Daily Bonnet has created this helpful guide to texting abbreviations so that Mennonite parents can stay in the loop.

wtf – water the flowers

brb – bring raisin buns

lmao – Lancaster Mennonite Anabaptist Orchestra

tgif – this gnurpel is fantastic!

idk – I dig kuchen

lol – Loewen on Loewen

btw – behind the wagon

ttyl – totally telling Yoder later

smh – singing many hymns

rofl – really old Friesen lady

idc – interesting, dear cousin

imho – I must help Oma

stfu – stop the fussing, Unger!

(photo credit: Jhamesisviphotography/CC)

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