Winnipeg’s Garbage Hill to Be Returned to its Former Glory


Winnipeg’s most famous former landfill, Garage Hill, will be returned to its former glory later this month after the landmark received a renewed surge in interest as of late.

“It’s time we make Garbage Hill great again!” shouted one protestor, sporting a MGHGA hat. “I remember the days when this hill was a glorious mound of trash and it’s time we returned it to that status once again!”

The hill was recently christened with a large Garbage Hill sign just like in Hollywood, but protestors are saying the sign is not enough.

“As everyone knows, the past was better in every way, so we need to starting dumping our trash there again and make Garbage Hill the highest peak in Manitoba,” said the man. “Move over Baldy Mountain! Garbage Hill is coming for you!”

There are also plans to turn Polo Park Mall back into a horse track and force the Jets to play out a newly restored Eaton’s building.

(photo credit: United Nations Photo/CC)

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