MrBeast Offers Contestants $606,000 to Live Like a Mennonite for One Week


In his most outrageous stunt yet, YouTuber MrBeast offered contestants more than $600,000 to whoever could live an authentic Mennonite life for a whole week.

“We had applicants from all over and we immediately baptized them, took away their cell phones, and decked them out in traditional Anabaptist attire,” said MrBeast. “Everyone thought it would be a piece of cake, but by the second day, half of them had already dropped out.”

Contestants were required to milk cows, shovel manure, and refrain from combining church and state.

“That proved to be the hardest for people,” said MrBeast. “You should have seen the difficulty they had in keeping their religious views separate from their political views. They simply couldn’t do it.”

By day three, there was just one contestant left, a young woman from Cincinnati who managed to recite the entire Sermon on the Mount to stay alive.

“Unfortunately she was eliminated soon after that for refusing to marry a distant cousin,” said MrBeast. “And so the $606,000 will be donated to the MCC instead.”

Many real Mennonites watching the show confessed they couldn’t live like a Mennonite themselves for a whole week. Meanwhile, contestants complained that MrBeast’s view of what a real Mennonite is was based on a bunch of old stereotypes that had no basis in reality.

(photo credit: NickRewind/Wikicommons)

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