Mennonite Woman Has So Much Rhubarb She Doesn’t Know What To Do With It All


For the first time in her 83-year-existence, Mrs. Wiens of Winkler has more rhubarb than she knows what to do with yet once.

“Oba, waut de kuckuck will I do with all this rhubarb yet?” wondered Mrs. Wiens. “There’s so much plautz my Harry can eat!”

This fall alone, Mrs. Wiens has baked more than 700 strawberry rhubarb pies and more than 1300 trays of rhubarb plautz.

“And that’s just for the Winkler Mennonite Church potlucks,” explained Mrs. Wiens. “If I include family gatherings and when the Kroekers come over, it would twice that much.”

Despite all the baking, there’s many unpicked plants of rhubarb in Mrs. Wiens’s garden.

“I’ve tried giving it away, but everyone’s got their own rhubarb,” said Mrs. Wiens. “What is a Mennonite woman to do with all this rhubarb?”

Despite the overabundance of rhubarb in area gardens this year, for some reason local grocery stores are still trying to sell stalks of rhubarb as if anyone buys it in the store.

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