Hundreds of Canadian Politicians to “Mourn the Queen” at the Lake this Monday While Everyone Else Works


Politicians across Canada are so heartbroken over the death of Her Majesty that they’ve decided that what they really need is a nice long weekend while everyone else is working.

“Ahh, it sure is a lovely day to mourn the Queen,” said one Saskatchewan MLA, chilling at the lake. “Nothing says a day of mourning like a nice cold Corona and a few steaks at the cottage.”

Canadian politicians received specific instructions to wear all black swimming trunks and refrain from getting totally hammered until after the funeral is over.

“No problem,” said one Alberta politician. “I’m sleeping in that morning anyway.”

Canadian politicians are so eager for the day off that they’re already planning for the next holiday/funeral.

“You know, I sure hope someone declares a national holiday like this when I pass away,” said an Ontario politician. “My fellow MPs will really need a few days of mourning at the lake I’m sure.”

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