Mennonite Woman Has So Much Extra Rhubarb She Just Doesn’t Know What to Do with it All


Even though it’s early in the season, Mrs. Doerksen has already more rhubarb than she can handle and just doesn’t know what to do with it all, since everyone else in town is in the very same predicament.

“I texted Helen to see if she’d take some and she just laughed and said ‘no, no, Annie, I have enough to last me through till Christmas,”” said Mrs. Doerksen. “She couldn’t believed I’d even ask such a silly question.”

After calling up everyone on the Women’s Ministry phone list, Mrs. Doerksen still couldn’t find a taker for all her rhubarb.

“I’ve got more pie than my Abe can handle,” said Mrs. Doerksen. “I sure don’t want it to go to waste. Whatever am I going to do with all this rhubarb!”

Thankfully, the town of Morris has decided to gather all the excess rhubarb from everyone’s gardens and make one massive plautz, which will be offered to local children as a recreational facility.

“I’m happy that my rhubarb will at least be keeping the kids cool and hydrated this summer,” said Mrs. Doerksen. “Who knows, they might even acquire a taste for it.”

It never got that far, however, because once word got out that Mrs. Doerksen had the good strawberry rhubarb and not the stuff with the green stems, everyone in town decided to raid her garden after all.

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