Mennonite Man Sets Up Rival Cheesesteak Shop Right Between Pat’s and Geno’s


Residents of South Philadelphia have strong opinions about who makes the best cheesesteak, Pat’s or Geno’s. Fans are so passionate about their cheesesteaks that the occasional fight is known to break out between rival cheesesteak fans.

“That’s why I’ve come here from Lancaster County to bring about the peace,” said Mr. Buckwalter. “As a pacifist I hate to see this kind of division over cheesesteak.”

Buckwalter has set up his own cheesesteak stand, wedged right in between Pat’s and Geno’s. The cheesesteaks, however, are made in Intercourse by authentic Mennonite grandmothers. He claims the new restaurant will bring about harmony in the region.

“If you can’t decide between Pat’s and Geno’s, or you don’t want to take sides, choose Buckwalter’s,” said Mr. Buckwalter. “We’re a good neutral choice. We’re like the Switzerland of cheesesteaks.”

The Buckwalter cheesesteak includes the usual toppings of onions, peppers, and mushrooms, with the addition of traditional Mennonite toppings such as pickled relish, schnitz pie and a huge helping of guilt.

“We’re just here to show that pacifism does not have to be passive,” said Mr. Buckwalter. “And if you can sing 606 in four-part harmony without messing up, you get a free cheesesteak!”

Buggies are already lined up around the block to get their chance to try Buckwalter’s World Famous Menno Steaks.

(photo credit: Yuri Long/CC)

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