What’s the 2023 Low German Word of the Year?


Researchers have scoured Jack Thiessen’s Mennonite Low German Dictionary to choose the most appropriate Plautdietsch word for 2023. The word for this year? None other than Domm’heit.

“It’s the closest word in our language to ‘bull shit,'” said local Low German speaker Ernie Enns. “Statistics show it even tops diewel, dietschlaunt and waut de schissjat as the most commonly uttered Low German word or phrase of the year.”

According to his calculations, Enns says Domm’heit was yelled on average 6.5 times per day by the average Mennonite last year.

“Domm’heit is just so versatile,” explained Enns. “It can apply to politics, Artificial Intelligence, Pastor David’s sermon or anything.”

Enns also points to a surge in the uttering of Domm’heit whenever Justin Trudeau comes on the TV set.

“And also during the last 3 minutes of the Grey Cup,” said Enns. “We saw a huge spike in southern Manitoba.”

Enns enourages folks to cut back on the Domm’heit in the new year and try something more positive like schwaa, na Taunte, or mensch ekj saj.

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