Death Plays Crokinole Game for Mennonite Man’s Life


The Grim Reaper, aka Death, appeared to Mr. Snyder in Waterloo this weekend intent on taking him with him. Mr. Snyder, however, knowing that Death had a competitive streak, challenged him to a game of crokinole.

“Normally he plays chess,” said Mr. Snyder, “but I suggested he change it up and try a little crokinole. He agreed when I told him he could shoot first.”

It was agreed by all parties that if Mr. Snyder won the match, he would be allowed to live. Death, who had never played crokinole before, was a bit overconfident in his abilities.

“He was flicking pieces all over the place at first,” said Mr. Snyder, “and I quickly got an 80 point lead, before he got the hang of things.”

With just ten points necessary to secure a victory, Mr. Snyder needed to flick Death’s piece into the gutter and land his own in the 15 point zone.

“I was nervous. My life depended on that shot,” explained Mr. Snyder. “I took a deep breath, paused for a moment and then FLICK! I ricocheted off his piece right into the twenty hole for the win!”

The match is considered the most significant crokinole win since Mr. Lehman beat Mr. Fehr to score the world championship back in 1987. Dejected with his loss, Death plans to practice up with all the dead Mennonites in the afterworld and return to Earth prepared to take any rusty Menno crokinole players with him.

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