An Anglican Church is Now the Largest Mennonite Church in Winnipeg


According to the latest statistics, the largest and fastest growing Mennonite church in Winnipeg is St. Margaret’s Anglican.

“While some denominations saw a decline in recent years, we here in the Mennonite church have seen quite the opposite,” said Mennonite spokesperson David Kroeker. “Just look at all the great work we’ve been doing at St. Margaret’s Anglican. Now there’s a Mennonite church you could be proud of.”

Scholars have struggled to account for the rapid growth at St. Margaret’s although parishioners were not reticent to share their thoughts.

“I started attending here for the Slater-Maguire lectures,” said devout Mennonite Anglican Erin Braun. “But I’ve stayed for the crokinole and faspa.”

Braun says she enjoys her new Mennonite church but still foresees a couple more changes.

“I’m looking forward to the day when we’ll finally get a high Anglican liturgy performed in Low German,” said Braun. “And some flexibility about the whole infant baptism thing would be nice.”

St. Margaret’s is apparently so full of Mennonites that some are calling for the church to be renamed Taunte Margaret’s.

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