16-Year-Old Swede Tops Canadian Election Poll


Even though her age and citizenship currently make her ineligible to run for office, it seems that the vast majority of Canadians prefer Greta Thunberg to any of the other candidates for Prime Minister.

“There ain’t a whole lot of inspiration in that bunch,” said voter Anne Friesen. “But, this Greta. Wow! She’s young and actually believes in things. The rest of our options all seem like they’re just going through the motions.”

A recent poll showed Greta Thunberg at 80% popularity, miles aheads of the uninspired robots that make up the rest of the options.

“She reminds me of the time when I was young and actually cared about stuff,” said Friesen. “I think it’s been a good sixty years since I’ve expressed a coherent opinion or concern about anything other than the frequency of our garbage collection around here.”

A campaign to get Greta officially added to the ballot has been making its rounds across the country.

“Oh, there’s some who’ll say she’s too young or whatever. Usually we chose a Prime Minister who has long ago stopped having any integrity, values, or passion for anyone else but themselves,” said Friesen. “But maybe this year we can choose a better option. Vote Greta!”

Greta Thunberg has not yet responded to the request that she take over the country and rumours have it she has much grander ambitions, like taking over our neighbour to the south.

(photo credit: European Parliament/CC)

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