Mennonite Grandpa Now Charging $8 for Five Minute Piggyback Ride


The entrepreneurial spirit of Mennonites will never die it seems, as Mr. Sawatzky of Winkler is now charging eight bucks a ride for a trip around the church lobby and back.

“Your back hurts? No problem. I’ll give little Timmy a trip around the lobby. It’ll cost you though,” said Mr. Sawatzky. “A Mennonite man never retires!”

Last Sunday there were kids lined up for miles for a chance to grip Mr. Sawatzky by the ears and lead him down the hall.

“It’s been pretty lucrative, I must say, and only a handful of injuries,” said Mr. Sawatzky. “That Dylan Plett is a slippery little scamp.”

The church plans to permit the activities so long as Mr. Sawatzky doesn’t drop more than two or three a week and makes sure to deposit each child in the appropriate Sunday School classroom.

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