Mennonite Man Devastated by Meagre Serving of Farmer Sausage


Mr. Krahn of La Crete has very disappointed in the “puny” portion of formavorscht he was given for supper this past Wednesday.

“Looks like no more than a ring and a half!” exclaimed Krahn. “Am I on a diet or what?”

Mrs. Krahn said a heaping plate-full of vorscht was more than enough for her Henry and if he didn’t like it, he could go live with her spinster sister Helen and see how things go over there.

“He’ll be lucky to get more than a slice of bologna at her house,” said Mrs. Krahn. “Henry should just be happy with what he’s got.”

Henry says he’s going to start buying formavorscht himself to make sure that he has the three rings a meal that he needs to sustain himself.

“Give us this day our daily ten pounds of formvorscht. Isn’t that what they say?” said Mr. Krahn. “Diewel, I don’t know how I’m going to survive on these new minuscule portion sizes.”

Including schinkefleish and jreewe, the Krahns empty a freezer full of pork each week.

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