Mennonite Grandmother Reacts With Disgust to Granddaughter’s Top


Mary Esau, 72, of Altona, Manitoba was completely disgusted this past week by her granddaughter’s striped tank-top and skinny jeans. Lindsay Esau, 23, had taken time out of her busy University schedule to drive down to Altona, but found she had to cut the visit short after her grandmother kept ranting and railing about her choice of clothes…and her various piercings.

“It was exhausting,” said Lindsay, a pharmacy student at the U of M. “An unrelenting barrage of comments about how horrible it was that my shoulders were showing, and how she never dressed that way when she was young, and how on earth I’d find an upstanding Mennonite man to marry if I was dressed like this.”

The elder Esau also threatened to call Lindsay’s mother, but when Lindsay informed Grandma that her mother already knew she dressed this way and had no problem with it, Grandma flew into a rage.

“Now I’m disgusted with my granddaughter and my daughter! I’m not sure I have enough disgust to go around. I’ll have to go back to store to pick up a new supply,” said Grandma. “I hear disgust is on sale at the Superstore, though I usually prefer to buy it in bulk at Costco.”

Lindsay said her Grandma was a little “old school” in her views on things, but didn’t see much hope in changing her mind.

“That’s just the way she is,” said Lindsay. “It’s disgusting really.”

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