Aging Mennonites Switch from Dutch Blitz to Skip Bo


After years of wearing out their finger joints playing Dutch Blitz, Mr. and Mrs. Unger of Saskatoon have decided to “take things easy a little and play Skip Bo from now on.”

“It’s basically ‘Slow Dutch Blitz,”” said Mrs. Unger. “The rules are more or less the same, except you have to take turns. None of this frantic hand slapping.”

Mrs. Unger says she’ll miss the delightful Amish-themed cards, but knew her time had come.

“It’s just like Earl with this pickleball,” said Mrs. Unger. “A few months ago, he said, ‘nah, Caroline, time to give up the tennis.’ Pickleball is like the Skip Bo of racket sports.”

Makers of Skip Bo were quick to capitalize on the new trend and will be rebranding the card game as ‘Slow Dutch Blitz’ in Mennonite markets across the continent.

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