Mennonite Fans Ruin Winnipeg Jets Whiteout By Wearing All Black Suits


Apparently unaware of the long-standing playoff tradition of wearing white, local Old Order Mennonite Peter Friesen decided to wear his very best black suit to Vanapag Yats game this week.

“Vell, I vanted to sheer for the Yats and they yust about didn’t let me in the arena wearing dese clothes yet,” said Friesen. “For some reason dey prefer da white clothes. Oba, how weltjlich!”

Friesen stood out like a sore thumb with his black suit and black hat in a sea of white.

“I was even on the Jumbotron,” said Friesen. “I guess I’ll have to axe for forgiveness for that, since we’re really not supposed to have our pictures taken. Graven imagery, nah oba!”

Friesen was initially met with hostility by Jets fans who assumed he was cheering for the Minnesota Wild.

“At first I couldn’t figure out why on earth anyone would wear all black to a Jets game,” said Jets fan Sarah Thompson. “But then I figured it out. This must be one of Patrik Laine’s relatives!”

Once they realized they were sitting next to Patrik Laine’s Amish frintschoft, the fans welcomed Mr. Friesen and his black attire with open arms.

(photo credit: lotherington/CC)

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