Mennonite Families Camp Overnight for Mother’s Day Buffet


Dozens of families spilled out into neighbouring canola fields this evening in anticipation of tomorrow’s Mother’s Day buffet at the MHV.

“Oba, look at those Kroekers way in the back there,” said Mrs. Peters, setting up her tent right next to the museum gates. “Good luck getting your hands on the cottage cheese vereniki, Kroeker family!”

Mrs. Peters says she hasn’t camped out like this since she and Dan lined up for Smashing Pumpkins tickets back in 1996.

“These days I’m more into delicious home cooked Mennonite food than grunge rock,” said Peters. “But otherwise my strategies of obtaining what I want are exactly the same.”

The Peters were grilling up a few sausages on their Coleman as other families started to arrive.

“Ha, I wish them all the best,” said Mrs. Peters. “I suppose I’ll leave a few potato and cheddar perogies for the poor saps at the back of the line.”

Some have wondered why Mr. Peters didn’t set up the camp since it is Mother’s Day after all, but Mrs. Peters says if she left preparations up to her husband they’d end up having to go through the drive-thru at MacDonalds.

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