Mennonite Women Required to Have their Purses Checked as They Exit Buffet Restaurant


The popular Mother’s Day buffet at Happy Hamm’s Palace of Ham left some folks in a bit of a sour mood this Sunday, as the restaurant inspected each and every purse that left the building.

“We realized we had a problem when the folks from the local EMB church were coming in with empty plastic bags lining their purses,” said restaurant owner Henry Hamm. “That’s why we weigh each purse in and out of the building.”

Purses that are found to be overweight upon exit are subject to thorough examination.

“In just one purse this morning, we found five creamers, a few sticks of margarine, and some saltines,” said Hamm. “Not to mention a half dozen meatballs and a little tub of jreewe.”

Mrs. Martens claims she was just taking what was already on her plate.

“It would go to waste otherwise,” says Martens. “I don’t see what the big deal is in loading up my purse. There’s a reason I bring my extra big purse to the buffet.”

Martens says he doesn’t like the new policy but says she’ll just have to live with it.

“This ain’t the first time I’ve been stopped by security,” said Martens. “Every time I go visit my friends in Toronto, they’re always very curious about my suitcases full of formavorscht.”

Restaurant patrons are warned that anyone caught smuggling out extra food will be banned from the buffet until at least Father’s Day, though Mrs. Martens says that’s no big deal since she has more than enough food to last that long already.

(photo credit: Justice Ender/CC)

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