Mennonite Woman Has Three Sisters Named Helen and Four Brothers Named Jake


Local woman, Mrs. Letkeman was paging through her photo album this afternoon when it dawned on her that she had three sisters named Helen and four brothers named Jake.

“Not to mention two Abes and a couple of Ruths,” said Mrs. Mary Letkeman. “My parents weren’t very creative with the names. I guess we were supposed to differentiate based on height or weight or something.”

To bolster this point, Letkeman pointed out that for many decades she had referred to her sisters as the tall one, the short one, and the quiet one.

“I’d forgotten their first names altogether,” said Letkeman. “Come to think of it, I’ve also got fifteen spinster aunts named Tina.”

Letkeman says she came to this realization after a recent family gathering where someone yelled “Tina” and more than forty elderly women responded.

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