Mennonite Family Wastes Entire Vacation Visiting Relatives


The Kehlers of Grunthal only get two weeks vacation each year and for some reason have decided to blow it all on visiting frintschoft.

“Miami? Paris? No. It’s Taber for us!” said Mrs. Kehler. “I sure hope we spend the whole time playing cards at Bill and Susan’s and don’t even think of heading to the mountains.”

Last year the Kehlers wasted their whole vacation visiting Mrs. Kehler’s sister in Leamington and the year before that they spent two weeks with Mr. Kehler’s Aunt Martha in Dalmeny.

“We’ve really been able to see the world,” said Mr. Kehler. “Plus we’ve eaten more processed ham and bologna than I could ever dream of.”

The Kehlers always make sure to bring along the good farmer sausage and Bothwell cheese.

“It’s the least we could do,” said Mrs. Kehler. “After all, they’re providing us with a perfectly fine air mattress in the basement for two weeks.”

Next year the Kehlers plan to spend 14 days in Blumenort visiting the Penners.

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