Mennonite Woman Accidentally Attends English Service After Sleeping In and Missing German Service


For the first time in her life, Mrs. Johan Klassen of Rosenort attended a “worldly church service” in the English language. After a late night of canasta with the girls, Mrs.  Klassen slept right through her alarm and missed the Deutsch service completely.

“Oba, so I yust kapt hitting snooze and snooze,” said Mrs. Klassen, through a translator. “So, dan, when I got up and had my crackles and toast, I realized dat the Duetsch service was over so dan I had to warship the Lord in English yat.”

The ABCEMC123 Church is the last one in town that still has a German service, and the attendance is starting to dwindle significantly.

“Aff I don’t go dan it’s yust Mr. Wiebe and da minister’s wife,” said Mrs. Klassen. “I for shoor hope I don’t sleep-in again yet.”

The German service is scheduled to continue next week at the convenient hour of 6 AM, followed by Sunday School, faspa, and then an 11 o’clock Anglisher service.

“Dem Anglishers sleep and sleep on Sandays,” said Mrs. Klassen. “I shoor hope I don’t become one of them for shoor not!”

In other news, a group of college students from the city were out so late last night partying that they decided since they were up anyway, they might as well check out the German service.

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