Local Abes Rush to Purchase Last Remaining Chocolate Letter A


When word got out that the Winkler Co-op had just one more chocolate letter A in stock, local Abes rushed to get their hands on it.

“Diewel! Looks like Abe Kehler beat me to it,” said Abe Wiens. “Now what I am going to snack on at the belated Wiens gathering this weekend?”

The chocolate A’s were in such short supply that some were selling for upwards of $80 in the display case at the local thrift store.

“I just hope that last A doesn’t melt,” said Abe Mierau. “There are a lot of Abes in this town who’d pay a pretty penny for it.”

Also in short supply were chocolate letter J’s due to all the Jakes in town.

“But it’s nothing like the letter A’s,” said co-op employee Susan Fehr. “And it’s not just the Abes who get those. People sometimes give them to anyone they think is a real A_____.”

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