Mennonite Woman Feels Really Guilty for Not Feeling Guilty Enough


Days after a pleasant holiday season in which she was a gracious and generous host, a local woman reports feeling “just really awful” about the fact that she felt really good about herself.

“I was lying awake all night worried about the fact I couldn’t think of a single thing to feel guilty about,” said Mrs. Helen J. Braun. “I can’t remember the last time I had a clear conscience like this…and it really bothered me.”

Braun says she racked her brain trying to think of something she’d done wrong, whether it was a greedy thought, an impolite word, or a misplaced pickle, and couldn’t think of anything at all.

“I liked it a lot better when I was sinning on occasion,” said Braun. “Then at least I could find the source of my guilt. But this is driving me nuts. I just don’t know what to do.”

Braun reports telling her pastor about the problem who informed her that this guilt was a natural consequence of her Mennonite upbringing…and was nothing to feel guilty about.

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