Mennonite Career Fair Offers Two Options: Preacher or Farmer


The Mennonite Career Fair of Southern Alberta met in Linden this week to offer graduating students a wide range of job options: preacher or, even, farmer.

“First we get the young people to fill out an aptitude test and then we tell them whether they’re better suited as preachers or farmers,” said event organizer Dick Thiessen. “For the young women we also offer mother of fifteen or missionary.”

Mr. Thiessen has been busy all day at the local community centre getting ready for the big event.

“Had to get here early to set up the two booths,” said Thiessen. “I’m expecting a long line at the farmer booth, but we’re hoping the preacher booth will also attract an audience.”

Those getting in line at the preacher booth have to agree not to swear or drink, while the future farmers have to agree to tithe ten percent of their earnings for the rest of their lives.

“You know it’s not like it was when I was young,” said Thiessen. “The opportunities for young Mennonites to preach and farm these days are endless.”

The career fair entitled Expand Your Preaching and Farming Horizons is on until the end of the month.

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