Mennonite Woman Invests Entire Life Savings in Pink Stanleys


Area woman Cathy Kornelsen, 34, has cashed out her mutual funds and put it all into pink Stanleys and Yetis.

“Someday my grandkids will inherit these,” said Kornelsen of her water bottle collection. “I’m just crossing my fingers that future generations will appreciate these pink insulated bundles of joy.”

Kornelsen’s collection now numbers 652, but she hopes to grow it even further once her carbon tax rebate shows up.

“These things are going to be worth a mint,” said Kornelsen. “Time to clear out the china cabinet and make room for more pink Stanleys!”

Speaking of the china cabinet, Kornelsen said she recently donated all the fine bone china she inherited to the MCC.

“Pink Stanleys are the hand-me-downs of my generation,” said Kornelsen. “Sure beats souvenir teaspoons, anyway.”

Kornelsen says she’s invested more than $40,000 in Stanleys, which is just a little more than her husband Sam has thrown into crypto. 

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