10 Items You Should Not Donate to the Abbotsford Thrift Store

Oba, nay! So after an unfortunate donation at an Abbotsford thrift store this week, we thought we’d make the rules a little more clear. Please, folks, whatever you do, do not donate the following items to the local thrift store … in Abbotsford or even in Chilliwack yet.

10. Used cloth diapers – Or used diapers of any variety, actually. As we’ve learned this week, there should be no bombs at the thrift store, and that includes little Little Timmy’s “bombs” as well.

9. Weed  – I know it’s the Fraser Valley, but please make sure you’re purchasing your weed from an officially licensed store. If you’ve got some extra you can go into Vancouver and more or less anyone will be happy to take it off your hands.

8. Almonds with the chocolate sucked off – Instead, leave these in a bowl for your grandchildren.

7. Used tea bags – These should not be donated to the thrift store, but instead collected and shipped off to missionaries.

6. Dentures – For some reason these are usually not a hot seller, especially during corn on the cob season.

5. Half-eaten bags of knackzoat – I don’t care how fresh they look, we do have standards. Please don’t donate the leftover knackzoat you found in last summer’s jean shorts either.

4. Intimate products for couples – And this is not because we’re against spicing up the meddachschlop now and then, but too often these items are confused for kitchen appliances and it really throws off Mrs. Epp’s zwieback making technique.

3. VHS copies of movies you taped off TV in the 80s – Please spare us the trouble and just enjoy your copy of Flight of the Navigator all on your own.

2. Underwear – This, of course, only applies to used men’s underwear. Used women’s underwear apparently sells for big bucks online somewhere

1. Lutheran hymnals – This, along with all of that Andrew Unger guy’s books, are on our forbidden books list. For obvious reasons.

(photo credit: by get directly down/CC)
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