Retired Threshing Machine Takes Up New Full-Time Advertising Job


One old threshing machine in Dominion City has managed to snag the retirement job of his dreams – a full time advertising job at the side of a gravel road.

“It’s not a bad retirement job if you can get it,” said the threshing machine who asked us to call him Frank. “A lot of my friends are doing it too, all across the province. It’s a lot slower pace than working the fields … on the other hand, I’m out there advertising the Franklin Museum 24/7.”

After forty years on a nearby barley field, Frank figured it was time for a change of pace.

“But I knew I didn’t want to just retire and play Uno in a home somewhere. I had to keep myself busy,” said Frank. “So when I saw the chance to point people in the direction of the Franklin Museum I jumped at the opportunity.”

Frank has positioned himself at exactly the right spot so people take notice and turn towards Dominion City.

“It’s not as easy a job as it might seem,” said Frank. “You can’t imagine the amount of bird poop I have to deal with. And dust from the roads? Wow! But, hey, I’m not complaining. It pays the bills, right?”

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