Made from What’s Real: New Winnipeg Slogan Pays Tribute to City’s Heritage of Sausage Making


The City of Winnipeg has adopted a new slogan as tribute to the community’s long heritage of making really good kubasa and formaworscht using nothing but the most thoroughly-cleaned natural casings.

“Some of the wieners you get from the grocery store, well, you have no idea waut de schissjat is in there yet,” said Mr. Fehr of North Kildonan. “Have you seen my sausage? Here in Vanapag we have only the bast most real sausage in Canada.”

Mr. Fehr plans to display his sausages this Saturday afternoon in the EMMB church parking lot, where Vanapaggers are welcome to come try a sample and see just how true this slogan really is.

“I’ll give you a piece of sausage, a toothpick, and a little bowl of vinegar,” said Fehr. “After that, you’re all on your own.”

Accompanying the kubasa and formaworscht will be authentic Mennonite and Ukrainian perogies, although really adventurous eaters can try pairing a slice of farmer sausage with potato and cheese perogies or a ring of kubasa with glums vereniki.

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