Local Chiropractor Specializes in Treating Mennonite Rubbernecking Injuries


A southern Manitoba chiropractor has decided to focus his talents on addressing neck injuries caused by prolonged gawking and staring, which, he says, is a common problem in Mennonite communities everywhere.

“Prolonged periods of rubbernecking can put a real strain on your cervical vertebrae,” said Bernie Thiessen. “I recommend that patients take a break from rubbernecking every fifteen minutes or so. Get up, stare at someone else for a few minutes, then go back to ogling those strange-looking Englishers from the city.”

Thiessen said some of his patients come to see him after spending an entire weekend sitting on lawn chairs in the front lawn with a bag of zoat, staring and commenting about every car as they pass.

“I have no idea why they don’t sit in the backyards where it’s not so distracting, but I guess they just like to people watch,” said Thiessen. “It’s nice that they’re curious, but I just wish they’d think about what this excessive rubbernecking is doing to their spinal alignment…”

Thiessen’s Rubbernecking Emporium is open six days a week, and does allow walk-ins, but he recommends that ailing Mennonites make an appointment so that they’re not tempted to sit in the waiting room and stare at all the other patients.

(photo credit: Nick Webb/CC)

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