Joke Crosses the Line Yet Again Today


During a recent stroll through Linecaster, Pennsylvania, Miss Caroline Yoder, a 31-year-old joke and local resident, boldly crossed a line, which had many of the townsfolk sorely upset. The town council immediately called a public meeting to discuss the matter, which was very well-attended.

“What a brazen woman! I work so hard each morning on that line. It’s a lot of upkeep–watering it and pruning it and so on–and then she just walks all over it as if she doesn’t even see it,” said one local. “Well, I, for one, am not going to just sit here and let her trample all over the line I worked so hard to grow and nurture. Why can’t she trample all over Mr. Schmidt’s lines instead?”

This isn’t the first line violation for Yoder, who has crossed lines at will during numerous occasions in the past. Dozens of Linecaster residents voiced their indignation at Miss Yoder’s shameless line-crossing, before Miss Yoder took the stand in her own defence.

“Yes, it’s true, once in a while I get real excited and take a dash through town and upset everyone and I sincerely apologize for that,” said Yoder. “Other times, though…well, it’s impossible to even leave the house around here without crossing somebody’s line. Sometimes the lines even intersect–that gets very confusing.”

The matter was then put to a vote, with 57% saying Miss Yoder should “toe the line,” while the other 43% said she should “walk it.”

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