Mennonite Woman Accidentally Puts Up Halloween Decorations for Thanksgiving


Lois Unger, 41, of Steinbach was mesmerized by the wide array of seasonal decorations at her local Shoppers Drug Mart this week and plastered her house with her holiday-themed purchases.

“Ahhh, I just love all the orange and black,” said Unger. “It really puts me in the Thanksgiving mood. Plus I managed to pick up a few pumpkins. They had silly faces carved into them. Ha ha. They’re always coming up with creative new Thanksgiving decor.”

Unger’s attire at the family Thanksgiving dinner, also was the source of considerable discussion.

“My grandmother wore a black dress like this,” said Unger. “Plus the costume came complete with a black head covering and a broom.”

The rest of the Ungers were concerned with the decorations and were more than a little baffled at the Thanksgiving dinner.

“I was expecting turkey and mashed potatoes,” said cousin Peter. “But I guess I’ll have to fill up on candy corn and snack size Reese Peanut Butter cups instead.”

Mrs. Unger is already looking forward to her annual Christmas celebrations where she plans to fill the house with Easter lilies and chocolate eggs.

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