Manitoba’s Most Progressive Mennonite Man Moves His Clock Forward an Hour


A man from the small hamlet of Reinhof is being hailed as a “free-thinking radical” after moving his clock forward an hour last night.

“What can I say,” said Mr. Reimer. “I’ve always been known for pushing the boundaries a little.”

Reimer’s forward-thinking mentality has generated some controversy in southern Manitoba.

“Nah, junges! Changing time? Next thing you know he’ll be trying to get a woman behind the pulpit,” said Mr. Berg. “Something’s got to be done about this man!”

Reimer, however, says he’s okay with a bit of criticism.

“I know that people around here are quite slow to change,” explained Reimer. “I hate to toot my own horn, but after moving my clock ahead last night, I think I just might be the most progressive man in town.”

Mr. Reimer also showed up at church an hour early this morning, an action that was immediately dismissed as “proud and boastful.”

“That Mr. Reimer thinks he’s so special with his time change and early church attendance,” said Elder Wiebe. “Well, let me tell you, we’ll put that man in his place when Daylight Savings Time ends in November. We’ll see who the progressive one is then!”

Mr. Reimer spent the extra hour at church checking over the Pastor’s sermon notes for next Sunday to make sure they were adequately “liberal” for his tastes.

(photo credit: Sean Freese/CC)

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