Protestors Excited that Trudeau is Finally Single


For a few years now, thousands of Justin Trudeau’s most passionate admirers have taken to the streets with signs that, albeit rather crass, nevertheless have expressed their undying love for the Prime Minister. Well, with the recent news of Trudeau’s marital separation, it seems that many of these fine folks will finally get their chance.

“Did you hear the news, honey?” said long-distance trucker and devout Trudeau supporter Matt Neufeld. “The Prime Minister’s finally single. You said I could have one ‘hall pass’ right?”

Neufeld immediately put on his finest attire and trucked on over to Ottawa. However, when he got there he found out there was already a line-up.

“Ugh, I thought I’d have a chance with the PM,” said Neufeld. “But not if I have to compete with the likes of Andrew Peters and Dave Kornelsen.”

It’s not yet known what exactly the Prime Minister is looking for in a new partner, but Neufeld and friends think they have what it takes.

“I don’t think anyone anywhere has shown their unwavering commitment to wanting to get with the Prime Minister than I have,” said Neufeld, pointing out that he’s been holding a ‘F–k Trudeau’ sign on the overpass near Winnipeg since at least 2018. “This sign must count for something, right?”

Trudeau reportedly said that he’s not interested in getting into a new relationship just yet, but as soon as he’s ready to move on, he’ll be sure to consult with all the lovely protesters out on Parliament Hill.

(photo credit: Joe/CC)

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