Winnipeg Man Subsists on Nothing but Rae and Jerry’s Tomato Juice for the Past 60 Years


Area man Don Driedger, 79, has been consuming nothing but Rae and Jerry’s delicious tomato juice for the past six decades.

“Oh, sure, occasionally I’ll go with the soup,” said Driedger, “but 9 times out of 10 I’m taking that tomato juice.”

Driedger says he adds three splashes of Worcestershire, which adds a nice little kick.

“Or four splashes on the weekends,” said Driedger. “YOLO, right?”

Driedger says the delectable menu items that pass by his table every evening do offer a temptation.

“But, you know, when you have tomato juice that tastes this good, you just can’t turn it down,” said Driedger. “I’m getting thirsty just talking about it.”

Driedger says he met his wife Tina at Rae and Jerry’s back in 1968, although she usually just orders the prime rib.

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