Steinbach Man Still Sneaking Over to La Broquerie for Booze


He’s been doing it for decades and just because Steinbach now has a liquor store of its own, and has for several years already, doesn’t mean Mr. Koop will stop sneaking over to the neighbouring community of La Broquerie to buy his booze.

“They won’t recognize my F-150 in the parking lot,” says Koop, who refuses to give his first name. “Or if they do, the fine folks of La Broquerie certainly aren’t reporting me to the elders.”

Koop says the jaunt over to La Broquerie is part of his weekly ritual.

“First I stop at Timmies for a coffee, then Peavey Mart for some chicken fencing, then it’s off to La Broquerie for me,” said Koop. “I’m a man of routine.”

The influx of Steinbachers wanting to avoid scrutiny for their booze purchases has kept the economy of neighbouring towns like La Broquerie and Ste. Anne thriving.

“We’ve been making a killing off of closet drinkers from Steinbach for decades,” said one local liquor store owner. “And thanks to folks like Koop, we’re still going strong.”

Koop says staying anonymous is only one of many perks to going for an out-of-town beer run and says he really appreciates that as an added benefit he can buy his booze and renew his driver’s license in the same building.

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