Joe Rogan Burns All His Neil Young Records


After legendary Canadian rock icon Neil Young threatened to pull his music from Spotify unless misinformationophile Joe Rogan left the platform, the UFC commentator/health expert has lashed out against Young by holding a massive bonfire of all his most precious Neil Young LPs.

“I hope Neil Young will remember, this Jersey man don’t need him around anyhow,” said Rogan, taking a match to a worn-out copy of Everybody’s Rockin and two cassette tapes of Landing on Water. “Just to show how serious I am, I’m going to be burning my copy of my number one favourite Neil Young album – none-other than his early 80s vocoder experiment Trans.”

The bonfire of albums raged all afternoon, as Rogan kept tossing mid-80s Neil albums onto the fire.

“You know what they say – always fight fire with fire,” said Rogan. “Take that This Notes for You!”

Notably absent from the pile were all the albums from 1969’s Everybody Knows This is Nowhere through 1975’s Zuma.

“Hey, well, every protest has to have some limits,” said Rogan. “You don’t expect me to live without Harvest and After the Gold Rush do you?”

After the protest, Rogan admitted that it was all just for show, he wasn’t really a Neil fan, and much preferred the musical stylings of Ted Nugent and Eric Clapton.

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