Fancy Mennonite Restaurant Offers $200 21-course Tasting Menu


Noted Mennonite chef and restauranteur Joël Ramsay Klassen has elevated Mennonite cuisine to new levels with his Madison Park restaurant Le Scheen Aufdank, which offers an extensive tasting menu featuring molecularized versions of popular Mennonite dishes.

“The meal includes sous vide cracklings with watermelon caviar and a solidified ball of cabbage borscht that explodes in your mouth,” explains food critic Ruth Rolland. “The ingredients are foraged from rural Pennsylvania and supplemented with black truffle and foie gras. I especially love the tiny gold leaf zwieback, and the giant edible helium ballon filled with schmaunt fat.”

Rolland says that most diners complete the meal in four or five hours. Le Scheen Aufdank also offers a dandelion wine pairing, with each glass carefully selected by the sommelier to complement the dishes.

“I loved the pairing that came with the liquid nitrogen-cooked klups,” said Rolland. “I can easily see why this restaurant has become one of the most exclusive and hard-to-get reservations in New York.

Le Scheen Aufdank has received accolades around the world including it’s third Michelin star, a first for any restaurant serving farmer sausage and perogies.

(Photo Credit: by banditob )

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