Young Man Swears Off Farmer Sausage When He Discovers the Truth About Natural Casings


Herman Loeppky, 21, of the La Crete area took to Facebook on Thursday to express his revulsion upon learning just exactly what his Mom had been cooking him every Monday, Thursday, and Friday for the past two decades.

“I can’t believe it!” he said, in a post on his Facebook wall that contained a considerable amount of profanity. “To be perfectly honest, I feel betrayed. I wish Mom would have been more upfront and honest about what ‘natural casings’ really were…”

Loeppky estimated that he had consumed more than five thousand feet of natural casings during his lifetime, a fact that disgusted him to no end.

“Mom’s not fooling me anymore!” announced Loeppky to a riveted Facebook audience. “From now on it’s nothing but artificial casings for me!”

In an effort to spread the word, Loeppky started a hashtag #downwithnaturalcasings, which received considerable hype on social media.

A friend of his named Kathy replied to his Facebook ramblings by saying that she’d known about natural casings her whole life and suggested that Loeppky was over-reacting and that he “should quit being such a wimp.”

Loeppky replied by saying, “I can’t believe I had a crush on you in high school,” and promptly unfriended her.

(Photo credit: by USDAgov )

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