Delicious Beet Borscht Used to Melt Ice All Over Manitoba


As temperatures rise and roads are looking treacherous, it appears that soup has come to the rescue, as dozens of ice cream pails of Baba’s delicious beet borscht are being ladled onto provincial highways to melt the ice.

“I’m not sure the science behind it,” said Manitoba Premier Heather Stephenson, “but I’ve heard that a combination of beet juice, a little dill, and a generous portion of sour cream really do wonders on an icy road.”

The use of beet borscht on icy roads has meant a shortage of soup in southern Manitoba, with many having to make do with other varieties instead.

“Looks like we’re stuck with somma borscht,” said Mr. Sawatzky of Vita. “You’d think they’d at least leave a little beet borscht behind for us but, no, typical government, always taking the very best and brightest borscht we have.”

Always trying to figure out some way to make a bit of cash, members of Manitoba’s Mennonite community have latched onto the idea.

“If beets work, why not komst borscsht as well,” said Mr. Friesen, spooning Oma’s recipe all over his front driveway. “I think this stuff will sell for $45 a pail as anti-freeze, which is a lot more than what my Martha can get for it as soup.”

Friesen is also hoping “the scientists over at that Bible college in Schteinback” can find some practical and economically beneficial use for star anise.

(photo credit: by tpower1983 /CC)

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