Calgary Church Threatens to Leave Town Unless Government Pays for Massive New Building


Cowtown Brethren, a nominally-Mennonite Church located in downtown Calgary on the Bow River, is threatening to relocate the entire congregation to Quebec City unless the Alberta government ponies up the funds to build a massive new state-of-the-art church building.

“I know that some people would say we’re a private enterprise and should fend for ourselves,” said Pastor Brian. “But I think we contribute a lot to the community and many people would be upset if we moved to Quebec.”

Cowtown Brethren has been an institution in Calgary since it was started in 1980 as a church plant by missionaries from Atlanta.

“We take in a tonne of money in tithes every year,” said Brian, “but that doesn’t mean the taxpayers of Alberta shouldn’t have to support us. You have to ask yourself: do you want Mennonites in your community or not?”

The church claims they should be able to get a suitable building built for just a little over 800 million dollars.

“I think our demands are reasonable. All we want is something with enough Sunday School space and a kick-ass gymnasium,” said Brian. “Surely that’s not too much to ask, is it?”

(photo credit: Anne Canright/CC)

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