Area Man’s Entire Job Consists of Deleting Stupid Irrelevant Emails


100% of area man Jeremy Goertzen’s 9 to 5 office job consists of looking through his emails and deleting all the crap.

“I don’t do anything else,” said Goertzen, from his Calgary-area office building. “To be honest, I don’t even know what my job title is anymore.”

Instead of doing anything, Goertzen spends all day reading emails to see which ones are actually relevant, which can be forwarded to someone else, and which can be deleted.

“I skimmed through 100 emails by 10 this morning,” said Goertzen. “Then I took my fifteen minute break, before perusing a couple hundred more emails before lunch.”

Goertzen’s afternoon was also spent not doing anything and instead just sifting through his inbox.

“Emails all morning and emails all afternoon,” said Goertzen. “I’m just glad they’re still paying me.”

Goertzen says he especially likes the stack of emails he has to delete when he gets back to work from vacation.

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