Courageous Local Man Arrives on Job Site in Japanese Truck


Local flooring installer Daniel Dick of Steinbach pulled up to the construction site on Tuesday in a 1983 Datsun 720 crew cab, the sight of which caused considerable laughter among his GMC, Chevy and Ford-driving compatriots.

“What the hell is that thing?” said framer Abe Thiessen with a grunt. “Around here, we drive domestic trucks.”

Never mind that the so-called “domestic” trucks are actually American, not Canadian, all of Dick’s fellow tradesmen found his Japanese truck the source of considerable laughter.

“A Datsun? Are you kidding me?” chided Thiessen. “What kind of a sissy drives a Datsun? Oba, nay!”

As a Chevy driver, Thiessen said he normally spent the entire day insulting his Ford-driving friends for their ‘Found On Road Dead’ trucks, but now the Chevy, GM, and Ford drivers had a common enemy – Daniel Dick and his Japanese truck.

“Man, I’m sure glad my entire self worth is tied into the truck I drive,” said Thiessen, “Otherwise I just don’t know how I could get up in the morning.”

Dick faced an unrelenting barrage of ridicule, which certainly did not cease when he hauled out a cucumber sushi roll at lunch time.

(photo credit: by auteur/CC)

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