Blue Bombers Proudly Hoist ‘Sunday School Attendance’ Trophy


After a loss to the Calgary Stampeders this afternoon, the Winnipeg Blue Bomber season has come to an end yet again, and yet again this year, the club is excited to have achieved absolutely all of their goals. Players were especially brimming about the Sunday School Participation trophies they received from Mrs. Friesen’s class.

“All our hard work has finally paid off,” said one Bomber player and Sunday School attendee. “To hoist this cheap plastic trophy and see all those stickers in my notebook is a real thrill.”

The award is the highest honour the football team has received in almost three decades.

“Let Ottawa or Calgary have their Grey Cups,” said the player. “We’ve got the love and respect of Mrs. Friesen and that’s all we need.”

As the Blue Bombers enter the long cold off-season, they’re planning to really work on memorizing their verses so that maybe they can go to summer camp next year instead of like, you know, playing football.

(photo credit: Winnipeg Blue Bombers/CC)

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