How to Drink Whiskey: A Guide for Mennonites

Whiskey is back! Even Mennonites are getting in on the action. However, to those who may be new to Mennonite whiskey drinking, we offer this handy guide. How to drink whiskey: a guide for Mennonites!

  • Neat
    • This is straight whiskey, with nothing else in it. The Mennonite variation is to take an empty Glencarin glass, swirl the air around in it, take a whiff, hold it up to the light to look at the colour of the glassware, then take a sip. Ahh, there’s nothing like a 20-year-old single malt of the finest air that money can buy.
  • With Water
    • The proper Mennonite method of whiskey with water is to grab a clean old fashioned glass and fill it all the way to the top with water. Add just a drop of whiskey, which will really open up the water. A true delight.
  • On the rocks
    • This is rather uncouth, but if you do decide to enjoy a scotch on the rocks, make sure you empty an entire tray of ice cubes into a tall tumbler, then sprinkle, like the GCers do, a tiny amount of the cheapest rye they have at the LC. Allow the ice to melt and enjoy!
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