Area Man Spends 5 Hours Trying to Find the End of a Roll of Tape


Area man Jim Friesen spent the good part of an afternoon this weekend trying to find the end of a roll of tape.

“It was as smooth as an uncut watermelon,” explained Friesen. “There was simply no way of finding where the tape began … or ended.”

Friesen tried a number of techniques, but neither his remarkable sense of sight or feel were any match for this roll of packing tape.

“In the end I just sliced a new one,” said Friesen. “Of course, as soon as I did that I found the tape-end about an inch or so later.”

Friesen says he thought of recruiting his wife Erin to help out, who normally has an eagle-eye for this sort of thing, but it was too big a threat on his manhood to admit defeat so easily.

“That’s as bad as asking for directions,” said Friesen. “No, no. Spending 5 plus hours fighting with box tape is much better.”

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