Shocking! Man in Camo Shorts Not Even in the Military


Area accountant Gord Peters was seen in a local Walmart wearing a pair of camo shorts this weekend.

Waut de hunt! Those don’t look like military-issue cargo shorts to me,” said observer Mrs. Kliewer. “And good luck in the battlefields of Afghanistan with those flip-flops, Gord!”

Gord admitted he was not, nor has he ever been, an active military man, but, in his defence, claimed he bought these very same shorts three years ago over there on aisle 15 in the “Unnccessay Camo” section.

“I don’t care where he bought those shorts! This is stolen valour if I’ve ever seen it!” said Mrs. Kliewer. “We simply can’t have men trouncing around the local Walmart wearing shorts like that. And Crocs to boot!”

Gord also admitted that he was not even hunting, although he was on the lookout for that new Nintendo Switch game.

(photo credit: hillary h/CC)

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