Newlyweds Excited to Rip Each Other’s Masks Off in the Hotel Room Later Today


Allan Wiebe and Lydia Brandt were married at the EMCB church this afternoon and are excited to rip off their masks at the Days Inn after the reception.

“We started dating last spring, so I’ve never seen Lydia without her mask on,” said an eager Allan. “I’m sure she’s as beautiful as I imagined over the past year and a half of our courtship.”

Lydia and Allan have been very committed to keep their faces completely covered until marriage, though Lydia says she did face some pressure from friends to take a peak.

“They kept telling me, ‘Don’t you want to at least give his face a test run?'” explains Lydia. “But I stuck to my guns. If Allan’s the man for me, it really doesn’t matter if he has a few crooked teeth or something.”

Allan, on other hand, says he was awfully tempted to rip Lydia’s mask off on numerous occasions, but always remembered what he learned in Sunday School.

“I’m proud to say, I never once saw Lydia unmasked until we were bound in holy matrimony,” said Allan. “Looks out, Days Inn, here we come!”

Despite not having seen each other’s faces ever before, the couple is expecting a miraculous birth of their first 9-pound premature child just five months from now.

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