Mennonite Woman Spends Six Hours Looking for the Right Tupperware Lid


Wendy Kroeker, 71, got up extra early this morning in preparation for her appearance at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Mennonite Church potluck.

“It’s not that my dish took all that long to prepare,” said Kroeker, frantically searching her cupboard. “I’m just bringing a Jello and whipped cream salad. That’s not the issue. But I had to give myself enough time to locate the right Tupperware lid.”

After attending hundreds of Mennonite church potlucks over the years, Kroeker’s supply of Tupperware lids is in serious decline.

“Every time there’s a potluck, I go in with four bowls and return with only three lids,” said Kroeker. “At the end of the evening, I’m always a lid short.”

Mrs. Kroeker is also very upset that her margarine and sour cream containers are also lacking in lids.

“I’m not sure where these lids disappear to,” said Mrs. Kroeker. “All I know is you can never be too safe when Mrs. Driedger’s around.”

(photo credit: Katy Warner/CC)

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