Angry Canadian Trucker Mistaken for Soccer Fan


An angry Canadian trucker who had just returned home to southern Manitoba after attending the rally in Ottawa, was mistaken for a diehard soccer fan this week.

“Go Canada Go!” shouted local soccer enthusiast Jim Sawatzky upon seeing the Canadian flag-emblazoned truck cruise down Main Street. “Yahoo! World Cup 2022!”

Onlookers gathered on the sidewalk and called on Mr. Klassen, driver of the patriotic truck, to honk his horn in celebration of Team Canada’s entry into the upcoming World Cup.

“Look at all these people all wearing Canadian flags!” said Klassen, blasting his horn. “It’s great to have supporters!”

Crowds gathered throughout the afternoon, eventually peaking at more than 2 thousand enthusiastic soccer fans by about 4 o’clock.

“It’s hard to tell what they’re saying above the sound of my blaring horn,” said Klassen. “I thought I heard ‘Go Canada Go’ for a second, but I must have been mistaken. I’m sure they’re all saying ‘F**k Trudeau.'”

Some of the soccer fans were quick to point out that those two sentiments are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

(photo credit: Ross Dunn/CC)

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